What Is Your Purpose?

What Is Your Purpose?

Do you know your purpose for your life? What do you love to do and can do it without thinking, do it for free, it gives you positive energy when you are doing it or even thinking about doing it, etc.?

I believe figuring out your purpose can help you live a more meaningful and healthier life. In today’s time I see so many people just going with the flow of life, waking up with no direction, no meaningful daily agenda, just to repeat the same things day in and day out… So many people today are living their life through social media and feel as if they are living a lesser life if they are not doing what others are doing or not doing… I believe finding your purpose will help you create your own lane and be fulfilled while traveling in it….

Once I figured out my purpose for my life my mindset towards a lot of things changed. I was able to channel my energy into things more meaningful and be more intentional about loving myself more…. I believe you can’t truly love others when you don’t genuinely love yourself. Loving myself is not about buying things or having more money. Loving myself was about having a vision, setting goals, standards, creating routines, and developing the discipline to say no to things that don’t line up with my purpose.

Your Coach,

Derek Mindset Becton

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